Growing an East Coast Salad Bowl

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Ben Dobson is the president of Locally Known in Maine.  Their mission is to provide the East Coast with local, organic produce.  They are creating a regional distribution network for New England's organic farmers.  Their produce currently sells at Whole Foods and Trader Joes in New England and the Mid-Atlantic states.


Big Ash Field

Dandelion Soup

This one is tangy, like the dandelion leaves. You can collect the dandelions anytime in the spring.
1 apple
4-5 big dandelion leaves
baby spinach
dash of sea salt
two teaspoons raw organic honey

Cover the apple with fresh water.  Add remaining ingredients.  Blend well. Serve in a bowl. You can add currents, raisens, sunflower seeds, pepitas as a garnish.


Dandelion Soup

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