Market Report - Great Greens

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Sassan Rostamian has Tuscan kale on the menu at his restaurant Sauce on Hampton Drive in Venice.  Sassan leaves the stem on the kale.  To cook, start with a hot pan with a little water.  Cook down the kale and add more water as needed.  In the last 4 or 5 minutes, add garlic and a dash of red wine vinegar or sherry vinegar.  If you're cooking a lot kale, keep the pan covered to steam it a bit.  The leaves turn a dark green when ready.


Eating greens are part of the Persian New Year tradition.  They signify prosperity and the new growing season.  In a typical celebration, you'll find a basket of greens on every table including mint, dill, and parsley.  Persian New Year starts on the first day of Spring.

Maggie's Farm sells all kinds of herbs and fast-growing greens.  Owner Nate Peitso sells a lot of cilantro, basil, mint and tarragon during Persian New Year.  Right now, basil is fresh and so is flowering arugula which Nate recommends sprinkling on pasta or quiche.

Arugula Flowers