A Church Vineyard in Lomita

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St. Mark's ChurchLyn Miles and Suzana Rockhold are in charge of the St. Mark's Presbyterian Church vineyard in Lomita.  Judy Cuthbertson is the pastor and Nancy Knapp is the church historian.  Their 34 vines grow concord grapes, Cabernet grapes and Zinfandels.

The church had an active vineyard 50 years ago until a construction project tore them down.  While doing research for the church, Nancy discovered that two parishioners had grapes growing in their backyard.  Their vines came from cuttings from the original church vineyard.  Lyn and Suzana first made juice from those grapes.  Then, they started replanting the vineyard in a grassy stretch next to the parking lot.  Their grape juice is served at communion.  With the leftovers, they make jams for the church bazaar.




Ladies with the Vines

Lyn Miles, Suzana Rockhold and Nancy Knapp

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