Farming in the South Bay

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Judi Gerber is the author of Farming in Torrance in the South Bay and the blog LA Farm Girl.  The area was once an agricultural center.  Lomita grew celery, Gardena berries and Palos Verdes had an abundance of garbanzo beans. 

Tom Ishibashi and his family are still farming in the South Bay.  This is the 60th year that a member of the Ishibashi family has been farming in the South Bay.  The farm stand is now open at the Torrance airport: 24955 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance, CA.

Ishibashi Farmstand

Ishibashi Farmstand, 1990


Torrance 1931

Torrance, 1931 (from the Cal State Dominguez Special Collections)

Veburg Dairy

Verburg Dairy in Torrance, 1947


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