A Filipino Food Crawl: Toto’s Lechon Manok

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Toto’s Lechon Manok in Glassell Park. Photo by Christopher Ho/KCRW

After wrapping up at Jollibee, Evan Kleiman and the “sinigang gang” makes the five-minute drive to Toto’s Lechon Manok in Glassell Park for some savory, meaty snacks.

See their mapped food crawl, including full descriptions and pictures.

Toto’s Lechon Manok in Glassell Park. Photo by Christopher Ho/KCRW



  • Karen Tongson - a professor at USC, panelist on the Pop Rocket podcast and the author of a new book called “Why Karen Carpenter Matters.”
  • Paola Mardo - an independent audio producer and the host and producer of Long Distance, a narrative podcast about life in the Filipino diaspora
  • Chase Valencia - the co-owner and general manager of LASA, a Filipino-inspired, California-influenced restaurant in LA's Chinatown
  • Natassia Johnson - the co-founder of The Manila Machine, the first Filipino food truck, and author of the dessert blog “Let Me Eat Cake”


Evan Kleiman